Zoo Lights

Call me ‘Johnny come lately’ because I totally wasn’t thinking about Corona, and having to plan early for ANY/ALL activities, so I think I may have missed the opportunity to see Zoo Lights Chicago 2020. I just have a thing about Christmas lights during the holidays! So although, all the museums in Chicago have closed temporarily, the Zoo remained opened due to it being outside, and able to distanced socially. Plus all the animals are in their glass huts, looking at us, prolly wanting to throw food at our heads… be that’s a topic for another day.

Also, the Chicago Zoo is free however this year, it is not! So fingers crossed that I am able to secure the bag (Tickets) as I really want to go! Fun Fact, My first Winter in Chicago, I went to Zoo Lights then Went to the Hood, for some Jamaican food. The place has since closed but damn it was divine!

Is there a zoo lights in your city? If so, You going? And Can I tag along? Please!

Tristan Jonez.


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