Meet Me Outside.

This week I have given up online dating! I CANT DO IT ANYMORE! I’ve been meeting folks off the internet for the past twenty years, and I just cant. Not anymore. I know the panorama (Covid-19) doesn’t help to meek folks in person but I cant! I am going to have to risk it, shit don’t we take risk with anything, but after two decades I am no longer interested in being pen pals. No matter what you tell people you are looking for, you are going to first meet their representatives, and I’m done meeting reps. I am me, from the first moment you meet me. In three months, a new person will not emerge. Can you say the same?

However I am living in a new city, so I am remaining hopeful I will eventually meet men of substance. We gonna have to be outside this summer cuz in person is calling my name!

Tristan Jonez.


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