JFG x 7-Eleven.

I love streetwear, even if I don’t wear it myself. I just love the thought, and the work that goes into design and marketing, especially from Black designers. So when I came across Joe Freshgoods from the Westside of Chicago, I took notice. My friends that are into the sneaker space, knew who he was but I had no such luck. So imagine my surprise when it was announced he was collaborating with 7-Eleven, with merchandise, but he was also had the opportunity to ‘take over’ a store here in Chicago.

I went to the 7-Eleven which was in the loop, on E. Wacker, but of course I didn’t bring my tripod. Right place and Right time, as there was another stylish woman taking photos. So of course I asked ‘Want me to take your photo?’ said she yes, so I slipped in that, “Can you also take mine?” Poof a photoshoot was born!

Also, I am currently obsessed with ‘Polaroid’ type photos.

Tristan Jonez.


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