Have y’all seen the movie, ‘Red Dawn’?

Cuz oh shit! I don’t believe I’ve seen it prior to tonight, but it was goodt! (Goodt = Extra Good) Of course I was in here, talking back to my laptop screen cuz whew!

Spoiler! Spoiler! Although you should’ve seen it by now!

When they killed the daddy, I was prepared for it. Blame the trailer! I was NOT prepared for Jed to die, although I KNEW he needed to. There was too many close calls, plus after he killed Cho, it was only a matter of time. I was sad but mostly because he never got the chance to build happiness with Toni. After all the death, and violence, they deserve, at least a chance at momentary happiness. I was like finally (!!!!!) Toni and him will have a moment to rest but them boom! I think I’m still a bit fucked up behind it.

Tristan Jonez