With “The Bold Type” premiering its final season in this week, I thought I would binge season three … thinking I had not seen it before. Funny thing, I did but I kept on watching. I know stories get retold with new shows but if you DONT watch the show … SPOILER ALERT! … Kat Edison choosing herself, over being with Tia or Adena so reminds me of that time on 90210, when Kelly was dating Brandon and Dylan. I cant remember what led up to them making her make a choice, but she chose herself. I remember them all walking away feeling a bit cheated with her decision but they respected it. Dylan of course, expressed how much he didn’t like the decision but let it be. Well, didn’t a few episodes later she pulled up on Dylan, trying to rekindle, but he was like nah its a wrap, cuz that’s what you wanted!

Well DAMN! I’m about to start the fourth season, I think its the fourth, and I am excited to see what’s going to happen between Kat & Adena, especially since they will BOTH be working for ‘Scarlet’.

Tristan J.

Can a person choose themself, when deciding between two humans, then choose to change their minds, and pick someone that they formerly rejected?