in the hgths

Ugh I know I need to see the movie version of ‘In the heights’ and I will … soon but let me tell you. I just listened to my favorite two songs on the soundtrack, and I have to say, the original wins. IF this was a competition, there’s just something about the original that gives me all the feels. I really WISH I had seen the original when it was on Broadway.


“Really Love”

Y’all know I HATE crying when watching television but here I am, wiping my tears. “Really Love” Still has me in my feelings, also it could be the white wine I had, but lets focus. Such a good movie! Very reminiscent of ‘Love Jones’ only in the sense that it romanticize DC. I love Black Folks, I love Blk Love, I love Love. Sidenote, Now I’m listening to Ari Lennox. Okay Okay back to the movie, must see. What annoyed me about the main characters, NO COMMUNICATION! Thats always the problem. Folks refuse to communicate with how they REALLY feel. Let it hurt my feelings, but at least I know exactly how you are feeling.

However go watch, then report back. Did you love it? Also, What do you think she decided to do?

Tristan Jonez.

Run the World S1E4

If you cheat, do you believe you are obligated to be honest with your significant other? For me, cheating is a dealbreaker, I will NOT stay. I am NOT staying. I understand, we are human and things happen, but I also have the choice to choose to not stay. Whether pissy drunk, you are still putting yourself in a situation to cheat. I remember, my boyfriend at the time cheated on me, he rationalized it by saying, he didn’t really cheat, because he didn’t fully take his clothes off. Like whet? Sir, Stop!

I do agree, telling the other person to clear your conscience, is just for you. Nah, you don’t get to hurt the person you love by being honest. Have you ever cheated? Been cheated on?

T. Jonez.

Run The World S1E3

Anderson. Anderson aka Satan.

Some Men do not deserve second chances. Hell, at times they don’t deserve the first chance they were given. Its too early to tell If Anderson deserves a second chance, or If he even wants one. At this point, his presence is known, but he intentions are not. So I don’t even want to get my hopes up. Especially since he was back in Harlem, and didn’t send Ella a message. I could get how he wanted to do it in person, but was he just planning on running into her on the street? Make it make sense. I’ll say, I do like how he ‘saved’ the evening, the way to a womans heart, is definitely by feeding her.

So we’ll see! Are you Watching?

Tristan Jonez.


OMGGGGGGGGG! I was able to finally watch Raya and the last dragon on Disney+! It was so amazingly good. I was watching on my last flight from LAX to Chicago, and of course it made me cry! Such a big ole baby. But I knew it was going to be a movie, I would love. Disney+ made us wait if we chose NOT to purchase the premier access. However I was not spending an additional 30$ to watch a movie. HELL NO! Yall know I love musicals, and I am surprise this was not one, but it didn’t need the musical treatment. I’m probably going to watch it again!

Tristan Jonez.

Have you seen it yet? Lets Chat.

Run The World S1E2


Have you ever had sex with someone white? on this episode, I won’t spoil it, but El was having sex with a white man. Something that was a first time thing, Black Love is her pairing of choice. However not wanting to waste the ‘drunk’ brunch vibes, she went home with the bartender, who was white. As free as I am, I’ve never actually had sex with a white man. In college I dated a few but I shared nothing more than a kiss with them. There was one, that I dated for quite some time, from Boston, with racist parents … yeah he fit the mold, but it never got to that point. Now as an adult, I usually date black men, I’m not sure if I would seriously date a white man now. However if the opportunity ever presented itself, Maybe I would.

Tristan Jonez.

Of the Dead

So I watched Army of the Dead on Netflix, it wasn’t your traditional ‘zombie’ movie but its a bit boring. There are some ‘jumpable’ moments but I was bored. I didn’t turn it off, as I was committed to finishing the movie. I was surprised by the character(s) who made it to the end, but I wasn’t. Its a decent movie, if you want to see gore, and folks killing zombies, but eh. However I think maybe its a comedy? I definitely laughed more than I was scared. There’s one character that you’ll laugh until you cry tears.

Tristan Jonez.

If you do watch it, Let me know what you thought.

Run the World

So, becuase I am not watching enough television series, I added the Starz series, “Run the World”, which is a series, according to Wikipedia, about a group of friends, navigating relationships and the professional World. Its set in Harlem, and yall know I’m a sucker for On location sets. Being a black woman, its always love to see women who look like you, living they best damn lives! Although my life looks a lil different than it did when I lived In Washington Heights, and would be out with my friends until the wee hours of the morning, its nice to be able to tune in and relive that feeling.

In every friend, I see parts of myself, and I’ve also have been in the situation(ships) displayed on the show. I throughly enjoyed episode one, Now time to binge the rest. We’ll chat.

Tristan Jonez.

The Wire

I know we haven’t discussed the first season yet, we’ll do that this week/next weeks but we’re going to skip season two. I wanted to skip season three as well, but there are characters, and elements going into season four you need to know to fully appreciate season four. However I think we’re going to merge both season four and three together, bare with me. I think we’ll be able to really gain a deeper understanding of the show.

Next Week, Season One. Get Ready!

Tristan Jonez.

Feelin’ Good

Whats one song that you can groove to? No matter what might be going in your World?

Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Feelin’ so good’ is my absolute favorite song EVER! I’m sure I say that about every song I love, but its such a feel good song. Shit, I still remember the video. Jennifer walking thru the neighbor, then getting ready for the club with her friends. I loved it, the idea that, that would be me! And now that I am an adult, it IS me! Although I haven’t been to the club in forever. The song has been on repeat for the past few days.

Tristan J.

The Wire S1E1

“The Target”

So I’ve decided to rewatch all the seasons of ‘The Wire’, yes that revolutionary television show, that captured The war on Drugs and Crime in Baltimore City. My City. Sidenote, Its a bit weird seeing what Baltimore used to be, knowing what it looks like today. But back to the show, its funny the episode is named Target, because in the first episode there are many. {Two targets, becomes victims.} However throughout the episode we see numerous, from the stripper trying to create a John out of Dee, to the white boy attempting to scam Wallace out of coke, to Detective McNulty targeting Avon Barksdale’s drug operation. Everyone is in it to gain something. The episode actually opens to a murder, the target turned victim being ‘snot’, who had robbed the weekly dice game, but was never denied entry, although it was known, once the pot got big enough, he would snatch and dash. But because this is ‘america’ he was always allowed to play, although, just like ‘america’ he played by his own rules.

If you haven’t watched, you get no trophy! Go watch the damn show!

Tristan Jonez.


With “The Bold Type” premiering its final season in this week, I thought I would binge season three … thinking I had not seen it before. Funny thing, I did but I kept on watching. I know stories get retold with new shows but if you DONT watch the show … SPOILER ALERT! … Kat Edison choosing herself, over being with Tia or Adena so reminds me of that time on 90210, when Kelly was dating Brandon and Dylan. I cant remember what led up to them making her make a choice, but she chose herself. I remember them all walking away feeling a bit cheated with her decision but they respected it. Dylan of course, expressed how much he didn’t like the decision but let it be. Well, didn’t a few episodes later she pulled up on Dylan, trying to rekindle, but he was like nah its a wrap, cuz that’s what you wanted!

Well DAMN! I’m about to start the fourth season, I think its the fourth, and I am excited to see what’s going to happen between Kat & Adena, especially since they will BOTH be working for ‘Scarlet’.

Tristan J.

Can a person choose themself, when deciding between two humans, then choose to change their minds, and pick someone that they formerly rejected?