Have y’all seen the movie, ‘Red Dawn’?

Cuz oh shit! I don’t believe I’ve seen it prior to tonight, but it was goodt! (Goodt = Extra Good) Of course I was in here, talking back to my laptop screen cuz whew!

Spoiler! Spoiler! Although you should’ve seen it by now!

When they killed the daddy, I was prepared for it. Blame the trailer! I was NOT prepared for Jed to die, although I KNEW he needed to. There was too many close calls, plus after he killed Cho, it was only a matter of time. I was sad but mostly because he never got the chance to build happiness with Toni. After all the death, and violence, they deserve, at least a chance at momentary happiness. I was like finally (!!!!!) Toni and him will have a moment to rest but them boom! I think I’m still a bit fucked up behind it.

Tristan Jonez


Love, Death & Robots.

Have yall watch this? Well please do. I started with Season two, unintentionally. However once I turned it on, it was hard to turn it off. I’ve watch a handful of Black Mirror episodes, but it reminds me of that, but animated. Each episode, between 6-13 minutes, have a different theme, but all within one of the main themes of Love, Death & Robots. I’m planning on watching season one, the beginning of next week, so there’s still time for you to jump on and watch so we can discuss.

Until then,

Tristan J.

According to Shelley

“Let me touch your soul, just like I touch your skin” Exposure.

I know our according to … usually is us breaking down the lyrics to our (My) favorite songs, and I started writing this with the intention of doing that here. But … I don’t think it’s needed. One of my absolute favorite songs on the reintroduction of DRAM, now known as Shelley. Have you listened to the album yet? If not, I’ll give y’all a few days, then sometime in the next week we can discuss our favorite songs. But today! (!!!!!) Go and listen to Exposure.

You’re Welcomed.


Corked (Obser)

It’s my second time watching ‘Uncorked’ … Sigh. I need Black fathers & sons to be able to have candid, if not candid, then semi honest conversations about what is needed emotionally. It was the same with ‘Concrete Cowboy’ the relationship is estranged because neither parties are able to even barely expressed themselves beyond anger. I’m not trying to oversimplify things, but we have to be in-tuned with our feelings so we can convey to others HOW we’re feeling.

Trust, I’m not the best person to hold these types of conversations either but holding these feelings in, were hurting me more than releasing them. I had to let folks know what it was that I needed from them, but then it was up to them, to put forth the efforts to make that happen. For me, I had to be, or get okay with people, listening to what I needed and still letting me know they couldn’t rise to the occasion.

Have you seen ‘Uncorked’?

Tristan Jonez

But Today.

I’m sure I’ve already told y’all this, but RENT is one of my absolute favorite musicals/Soundtracks.

Its been a while since I’ve listened from beginning to end, in order, and really had a singing fest. Yes, I sing all the parts, from Roger to Meme, I don’t care. I know my neighbors might be a bit annoyed but at least it’s still early in the evening. Imagine me singing, Seasons of Love at eleven at night.

Whenever I need a reminder, that there’s ‘No Day but Today’ I listen to RENT. I know we all put off everything for tomorrow, but today really is the day for all of it!

Tristan Jonez.

Also, Is there a Musical you just can’t get enough of?


I don’t think I’ve been sleeping on Mack Wilds, but maybe I have. I’ve loved his album, After Hours. Lately I’ve been listening at night, before bed when I’m feeling my most feminine, my most sexy, and its a great body of work. Have yall listened to this album? I know he released his debut album in 2013, which I didn’t check for.

Currently On Repeat, Crash.


On a Hill

Why you didn’t tell me ‘City on a Hill’ was back? Not just back but two episodes in? I blame myself because I wasn’t keeping up with if it had even been renewed for season two. But in my defense COVID happened and everything got pushed to a corner of my mind. So I need to get Showtime back, because I need to watch each episode as it is released.

Sidenote, Why am I so obsessed with Boston television? Actors?

If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching ‘City on a Hill’ its pretty much Boston in the early 90’s, where violence and corruption lived in bed together at City Hall. The New DA, a black man, Decourcy Ward played by Aldis Hodge, forms an unconventional bond with Jackie Rohr, played by Kevin Bacon, who is intent on keeping Boston exactly the way it is. I initially watched because of K.Bacon, but he’s a POS! However he plays his character brilliantly, you’ll feel all the feels.

Let me know how you enjoy it? I think I’ll watch from the beginning.



Have y’all seen ‘The Watch’? Its one of my favorite comedies. Vince Vaughn is hilarious! I truly wonder what its like to be a real life friend of his, because I’m sure some of his lines are improved, they have to be! Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill and Richard Ayoade rounds out the rest of the cast. Basically they form the ‘neighborhood watch’, which not even the Police takes seriously. However they are as serious as an Alien Attack!

Its currently on HBOMax, so watch it, this weekend then we can laugh about it together on Monday. Deal?

T. Jonez.


Weird Question to ask but …

Do you have a set playlist when its time to pleasure yourself? I was just thinking about the time we set aside for selfceare, and the ritual that follows. Which naturally got me thinking about myself, and who I listen to when I take the time to practice my own sexual self care. My Go to usually is Rico Love, but it has to be his ‘Even Kings Die’ Album.

SideNote; Its an incredible album!

Tristan Jonez.

Concrete Cowboy

In a book to film adaption, I have found myself wanting to watch it again, but to read the book to see where the holes I have can be filled. “Ghetto Cowboy” by Gregory Neri, ‘A street smart tale about a displaced teen who learns to defend what’s right-the cowboy way’. Featuring Idris Elba, and Caleb Mclaughlin, as a son estranged from his father, but it sent to live with him, after his mother has reached her limit. You can feel her frustration with the current affairs of not only her son, but that isn’t able to reach him in a way, that encourages him to change his behavior.

Not going to spoil it anymore than I have, but for me, even though when absolutely needed, the father was there, it was ONLY when he was absolutely needed.

It saddens me, but tough love is nothing without soft love as well. You can’t believe a person is going to be balanced, when only receiving tough love. Nothing is ever good enough love, nah. Tough love is successfully ONLY when paired with soft love, the cycle can never be broken by doing what was done to you.

Tristan Jonez.

Crashing Weddings

Legit, the funniest movie I’ve seen in a while, Wedding Crashers. I know I’ve seen it before, or at least I thought I had but I was in tears the whole movie. I’m dying laughing writing this, spoiler, the part where they are all at the dinner table, and the father is like I’ve seen you dancing, and Vince Vaughn hits Owen Wilson with his legs, OMG! For me, that is the funniest part! I probably could watch it repeatedly and still laugh. Its such an oldie but I know y’all have seen it … and if not, well do yourself a favor!

Also, do men really crash weddings to be able to sleep with single women? I put nothing past a man, but lord that just screams desperate.

Tristan J.

PS. Its currently on Hulu and HboMax