“God’s Plan for your life begins at the end of how you thought it should have been.”

The life I am currently looks like nothing I ever thought of. I still remember when I was younger, I would conjure what my future would look like at 21, at 25, at 30. And in my wildest imagination, my life is nothing I imagined. A flight Attendant? Living in Texas? The literal World, at my finger tip … Never. I don’t want to think it was for a lack of an imagination, I was willing to take risk, and go places I’d never been before, but I thought I had a plan. The life definitely turned upside down when my mother died, but I would still ‘plan’ for a future I could imagine. Chicago, even then, was the place I wanted to be, and eventually I would get there.

IF I remember, my plan was to finish high school, and continue on to college, which I did. I studied for a year before life happened, and I left college, eventually going back (and stopping) for the next five years. I dabbled in a few jobs, trying to find my footing, settling on being in a people setting. Then boom, I’m in aviation, and the ability to learn ‘hands-on’, to explore in person, the places I had read about, just made sense for my life. After almost ten years in aviation, I don’t know If I want to be anywhere else.

So whether its God’s Plan, The Universe’s Plan, Allah’s Plan, or Whichever higher power you believe in, Ive learned creating a hardcore plan, just doesn’t work. Stay flexible, Go where the trip may lead you but Always enjoy the Ride!



Theres something I find so refreshing in children, especially little black boys, and that’s joy. Seeing them in an environment that promotes, them being their true selves, that just makes me smile. Makes me see […]