Have yall ever seen the WGN network, show ‘Outsiders’? Well If not, you missed an amazing show, with depth, and layers of everything needed in television. Unfortunately the network, canceled the series after the second season, which of course left us on a cliffhanger. I do think I may, rewatch the series, its being shown on Hulu, I believe. So fingers crossed cuz now I’d like to watch it, especially since the opening song just played on Spotify.

Please Watch it!

Tristan J.


Oh Em Gee! Have yall watched the Netflix limited series, ‘Midnight Mass’ yet? Whewwwwww! I started watching on a long haul flight from Chicago to Seattle, and literally finished in two days. FYI, I am not the type that tends to binge watch shows, I just like knowing the next episode is there IF I want to watch them. However I could NOT stop myself from watching episode after episode, even knowing I needed to get sleep. Episode Seven was Epic for me, left me with my jaw on the floor. I was speechless!

If you have not watched, please do! It was such a good series, the first episode doesn’t give insight into anything really, but somehow it gives you just enough that you want to push forward to episode two. Let me know how much you love it.


My am me

So yall know I don’t love Miami but I do love the beach. Although expensive, its a quick flight, and usually a chill vibe. One of my best friends planned a girls trip this past august, and I must say, I came through with the swimwear/beach fits. I’ll always be a beach girl, but yall would be delighted to know, I was out there riding actual bikes! OMG!!

Tristan J.

War Tomorrow

Even in books, my go-to is usually dystopian theme, its the same with movies. End of the World, kill the aliens, but try to save the World too please. I’ve been meaning to watch The tomorrow War, but Life. Finally sat down with my snack, and watched … I really enjoyed it! Chris Pratt was cool, but I loved the black characters. Have you seen it?

Also sidenote, the character Dorian aka Edwin Hodge, is beautiful. Such a beautiful black man. Fun Fact, His birthday is three days after mine.

Tristan Jonez.


Yall know I love blk and white photography, just an instant timeless photo. And when done right, when you get ‘the’ shot, it becomes a forever photo. So I’m always trying new (for me) things, this time I was playing with lighting, and posing. I honestly never know how to pose, so I just do slow random movements, then check the footage, and make adjustments as needed. This time I was in Puerto Rico, and the bathing suit I was planning on wearing, was not staying in the correct places, so I decided to still utilize the suit in my room. Without further delay … Also, Be Kind about my work! I’m sensitive about my shit!

Tristan J.


Lately, my musical taste have been very singular, to the point I am listening to the same song on repeat. I don’t normally make a habit of listening to gospel music, so I have no clue how I stumbled up this song/artist. However I be blasting ‘Church’, by Peter Cottontail.

What are you listening to?

Tristan Jonez.

Sam F

I finally got the chance to go to Dallas to see Basquiat’s painting, “Sam F”, at the Dallas Art Museum, and it was different than what I expected. I vaguely remembered the canvas was a door, but then I saw it. Almost skyed, mounted on the wall, although it was in a ultra prime location in the museum, it didn’t feel like the best place for it to be. However I was beaming like a schoolgirl when I saw it.

Do you guys have an artist that y’all can’t get enough of?

Tristan J.

Wedding Szn

Last week I was in Coral Gables, Florida, while I was walking in the neighborhood, I passed quite a few bridal couture shoppes. I’m talking up to three on every block, but it got me thinking … Do I want to get married? Have a wedding? The dresses were gorgeous, but maybe I just want to play dress up and have a huge party. Or maybe I haven’t met that person that makes me dream of wedding bells. Although I have no clue If I’ll ever get married, I would love to have the experience of trying on wedding dresses, because omg!

If you’re not married, would you like to be? Or Would you just rather the wedding?

Tristan Jonez.

Art Q (STL)

I love connecting through STL airport, because the art is ALWAYS on point! When I am working a lil too much, I love that I am able to see Artwork in most airports, but STL is my fav. There are two areas where art is displayed, and when I’m in the airport for a bit, I try to visit both sites. This time I was only able to visit one art ‘gallery’ because it was on the way to my gate.

Here’s the Leap Collection, 2018-2019 by Visual Artist Mojo.

Tristan Jonez.

Intro to Fall

I recently put together a floral arrangement, well two as an introduction into fall. When I went looking for flowers, Halloween, especially was on my mind. I was actually looking for any dahlias, or even dark tulips but there was only summer colors avail. As a general rule of thumb, I stay away from Roses, just because roses can over or underwhelm an arrangement. Mums are my go to, because they do well, with limited sun, and are fully displayed.

Tristan J.

PS. I think these are one of my favorite arrangements.

Summa Summa

This Summer I don’t feel like Ive done much of anything, except maybe work. So now we are quickly falling into fall, and although I celebrate all the seasons, I am not looking forward. Currently I am looking out the window, and the winds are blowing hard! Welcome to Chicago. I just am not ready but I am ready for fall foods. Welcome to the season of comfort food! I’m not a super fan of pumpkin (anything) but I can already taste the autumn squash soup!

I am going to try my best to actually participate in Fall. My goal is to try new restaurants, because food is life. Have y’all done anything for the summer?

Tristan J.

Happy First(ish) Day of Fall.

Love me right the first time. It is NOT a badge of honor for a man to come back to you. I would love it if they all stayed away, after the first time. Funny story, I recently had a man tell me, he apologized that he didn’t handle me correctly. Mister, I took it as an L, and I’ve moved on from it. (I’m okay taking L’s but I’m not going to continue to waste my time with you) I suggested he do the same. However curiosity came over me, and I asked why he didn’t. Well. No shocker, he was dating me and another at the same time, and went with her but it didn’t work out. He described it as the movie “Boomerang” which is comical in itself.

He also went on to ask if we can kick it again but why would I? You didn’t know what you had, and unfortunately I can’t go backwards. I’m tired of awarding second chances. I want folks to know what they have the FIRST time around.