Seven Pounds (Reviewish)

Please do not EVER let me watch the movie, ‘Seven Pounds’! Ever!

The credits have finished rolling and I can not stop the tears from falling. I wonder If I could do it, IF I could give up my life to save someone else’s. Not just someone else, a stranger. A total stranger, someone who I had no prior knowledge of their life, only by watching them in the now, being able to figure out what type of person they are. Knowing you are the key to help, but by helping them, you were killing yourself.

I understand why the main character Ben Thomas (Will Smith) felt like he needed to repay what was lost to possibly restore balance in the Universe. Especially since he felt wholly responsible for the accident that claimed the lives of seven beings. Although I understand, I do think he could have repaid the Universe by being an amazing man, helping in all aspects that he could. He was an engineer, that was formally trained at M.I.T. so the ways in which he could repay the Universe back was endless. In a way I do believe him taking his life, although, for a commendable reason was slightly selfish. With Ben committing suicide he no longer had to deal with the emotions stemming from the accident, he no longer had to deal with anything.

What if the accident happened as a part of God’s (Whoever you believe in) plan? What if the lives lost, were due to a greater reason, a greater plan that Ben just wasn’t privy to? The movie leaves me with more questions than answers, however If I have to watch the movie again to get the answers, well then I’ll never have them. Cuz Im not ever going to watch that movie again. Twice was more than enough.

Have you guys seen it?

Tristan Jonez.

I 💜 Herschel

Shoutout to Herschel Supply Co!

Hands down, they have the best customer service of any company I have utilize as of late. I’m trying to decide if y’all want the run down? Yeah, y’all want it! (Ha!)

I had been looking for the perfect weekender and overnight bags, its harder than you would think, and finally I had logged on to Herschel. For the longest I had opted to stay away as I didn’t want to break the bank. So I browsed Target, Walmart, and other such retailers. However I wasn’t finding the correct sizing I was looking for. Every Option was always too big, or too expensive. I am a light packer, for the longest time I’ve been using my Coach bag, which is exactly the perfect size for an overnight, but I didn’t want to continue to use my purse as luggage, and I definitely was not going to check my bag, ever! I did take a look into Coach, but I wasn’t even about to spend 250$ for a bag I was going to allow to get dirty purposely, so Coach was out! Finally I broke down and search all the items of Herschel, and low and behold, I found my bags. Both my overnight and my weekender, but at 65$ and 89$ respectively and I honestly did not want to spend more than, maximum 100$, for both bags. With much thought, I purchased a youth bag, for 50$, to be used as a weekender, and upon receiving the bag, its larger than I calculated, but still smaller than the options I had seen.


So UPS was the shipping company used, and I was already anticipating for there to be some sort of issues arising. According to UPS my bag was scheduled to be delivered by end of day Tuesday, utilizing Herschel’s modern day tracking, I was able to see where my item was every step of the ride Until the day it was to be delivered. I looked as if it was stuck on 83rd and 2nd ave for hours. Once it started getting late I reached out via instant messenger on Herschel’s official site. I spoke to Sarah who tried to assure me she would do all she could but because it was late she wasn’t sure she would receive a response until the next morning. The next morning I was flying out and needed my bag. Sarah was apologetic, and assured me she would reach out once she had information for me. Early next morning, Sarah emailed me, the up to moment information about my delivery, which was assuring while traveling.

SideNote: UPS still sucks as a shipping company.

Has a company provided such good customer service, that you will shop with them again?

Tristan Jonez

Love & Death

I loved a man once.

He was the easiest to love, to like, to talk to, to be around, he was everything. I didn’t realize how ‘everything’ he was until recently. Even though he is gone, and has been for some time, he’s not. He was my best friend before I knew what I needed from a best friend. The thought of him makes me smile more than it makes me cry, and I only cry cuz I can’t experience him in ‘living color’.

I miss him.

I know I tell you guys this often, but make sure you are expressing yourself to your loved ones, to your friends, to yourself. Make sure they know how you love them, how much you love them, and that you appreciate them. I have peace in my heart because I know how much I was loved by this man, and on the flip side, I rest easy knowing that he knew how much I loved him. How I would do anything for him, to ensure his happiness. Sometimes what we believe we want for ourselves, outweights everything else, including our common sense. As I long as I live, I will keep his memory alive, if only within myself.

Rest Easy Ali Sidney.

Tristan Jonez.

Hitch (Reviewish)

Because I am a romantic sap, my favorite movie is Hitch. Well one of my favorites, there are movies that I could sit and watch every single day! When I watch Hitch, it just gives me hope that I can, too, find someone who meshes that well with me. For those wondering I am Casey in the film, I am that friend, that dates these losers, because I have hope that they will finally be my prince incredible. Possibly If I was more like Sarah, being such a ‘realist’ she limits the amount of hurt she subjects herself to, on the flip side, she also limits herself to the amount of happiness she could possible receive too.

SideNote: I always gush over Sarah’s apartment in Soho! That place, with its bay windows, are the stuff we romantic saps dream of! Hitch’s apartment is the maker of tears, but Sarah’s has a vintage feel to it.

Double SideNote: Sarah and Casey meet up at Rice to Riches in Soho after the horrible date, where Sarah is kicked in her head. Well I absolutely Love that dessert eatery. Let’s plan a date there soon, K?

The only part in the film that makes me roll my eyes EVERY SINGLE TIME, when Hitch goes to the yacht to speak to Allegra Cole, and she lists all the things that Albert does that makes her fall for him, and they are ALL the things Hitch told him not to do, she then says, “Well what did you do?” Hitch Replies, “Nothing” Well thats a damn Lie! He created the boarding meeting outburst that allowed you (Allegra) to actually pay attention to Albert. He also was able to get the tickets to the Sky Studio Fashion Show, for you (Allegra) and your best friend to be heard about your ideas of how you should invest in Maggie’s company, So I would say Hitch did a hell of a lot, and he deserves ALL praises that I hope you gave him! What he did do!? The nerve!

If you have yet to see Hitch, first shame on you, second Go see it today, NOW!

Tristan Jonez.

Buff Body 

So… I was not feeling the price point when I first purchased Body in the buff by Alba Botanica, however when I got home and used it the first time, I really wasn’t happy! At first try, I thought the micro beads were too small, and not coarse enough to actually be able to exfoliate my skin in the way that it needed to be scrubbed. So I chucked it up as a garbage product, and pretty much vowed to never used it again. I left the bottle in the bathroom, in the corner as it was on punishment for disappointing me, and for being such a pricey product. I ended up buying another similar shaped bottle, so when I used this the second time, it was purely by accident. However the way in how I used Body in the Buff, so I received a different result… which ended in my now love for the product! If you would like the product to work as intended you have to learn to relax. This is not to be used when you are in a rush!
I found when I took my time, massage the scrub into my skin, then massaged it into my skin once more I received the best results. It’s such a relaxing experience, if I wasn’t standing up, alone, in the shower I would’ve thought I was at the spa getting pampered. Take your time with this product, close your eyes, knead it like your body is the dough, and you have to get all the air out. Plan to spend at least ten minutes, just rubbing and scrubbing yourself down. After you finish pampering yourself, rinse off, then admire your now glistening skin. I promise your skin will feel smoother, cleaner, brighter. I have a cluster of stars on my chest, overtime I use Body in the Buff by Alba Botanica, my stars are brightened, my skin now sparkling.
Even though I was initially unhappy with my purchased, I just needed to make it work for me. The Grapefruit scent is my favorite, I love this product in the morning, as it gives me an extra kick to start my day off right!

Tristan Jonez.


“They” say you are what you attract so recently I’ve been approached by either hood dudes or nerdy weirdos, does that mean I’m a combination of both? My friends would agree that I am combo of many things, including Hood (at times) and pure weirdness. I’ve come to accept the many different sides of myself, aren’t we all multifaceted? I don’t have split personalities, each identity with a new name, nah that’s not me. I just know certain sides of myself, need to be called to the front of the line depending on the situation.

Now back to my dating life, or non existence of it. Although I’ve been approached by opposite ends of the spectrum, I am an equal opportunity dater so I welcome all suitors. Why wouldn’t I? I’m willing to see beyond a first initial impression and at least get to know someone. People have a way of surprising you when you least expect it.

Do you allow men who may not be your preference have a chance?

Tristan Jonez

Tub dub dub

Please don’t think I’m crazy but I believe I am about to place myself on a mission to find the best tub for a in “house” spa experience. Most folks believe hotel tubs/jucuzzis are disgusting but that’s all a matter of opinion. I usually bring a small travel sized bottle of awesome so I can clean the tub before I sit my pum pum down! (Laughing) 

My usual go to shoppe is Lush Cosmetics, I live for that brand! And I even worked there once in my life. Everything just smells devine but it’s not always great for my plumbing. So in an effort to not only create a spa like experience, but to save my plumbing, I’m on a mission. I will update you guys often, about the location and the products used to create such a #selfcare space. 

Tristan Jonez 

*Image swiped from Pinterest.