All American S2E5

My eyes started welling up as I was writing the title. Shit. What an incredible episode, brilliant and emotional writing I equally love & hate entertainment (shows/books) that make me cry. Pulls the emotion out of me. Makes me identify with what’s being portrayed. And yes, I know, that is what marks the making of good show … one where the audience can identify with. But fuck.

These are the times where I wish on a million stars that I had a mother to vent to. A person who’s sole job was to be there for me. To comfort me, and right now, I need it.

I’m adding the CW television show, to the list of motion pictures, I will NEVER Rewatch, Seven Pounds is at the top of that list.


34 going on

I promise I am trying not to fret over my age. I am also trying not to let my age dictate what life milestones I should be reaching. Just to let my life be what it is, be what it will, and enjoy each step of the way but I cant help but to think what does the future hold for me. Will I get married? Do I actually want to be married? Kids? A Kid? Continue to travel the World? Buy property? What is it that I want? And even in the question of what do I want, Will I know it, once it’s in my view?

As you grow older, How has life milestones affected your judgement?

Tristan Jonez.

Failed but Not. 

As much as it pains me to go through a break up, failed relationships are essential to my growth as a woman. Once the sting of the break up wears off, I’m able to look at where things may have gone wrong, and correct them. We aren’t always able to remain friends with our exes, but if you do remain cordial and can have an “exit” conversation, please do.

I grew up after my first real break up, I had to. We were pregnant and engaged, walking away was the hardest thing I had to do but I couldn’t continue to sell myself short. I’m always willing to work on “us” but not at the expense of myself. I learned some of my greatest lessons with him, how to listen to my partner, how to not want to have the last word about everything, how to let someone else lead for a while, etc. If we don’t have failed relationships we’d never know how we can improved ourselves, plus it’s growth the objective?

Tristan Jonez.


Growing up I never felt the need to prove anything to anyone but myself. When I became an adult, I still felt only the need to do the things I wanted to do. I have never let what someone else was doing dictate what I was or was not going to do. I’m grateful that I always knew I had a mind of my own, and I used it!

I do believe folks growing up now, have these chips on their shoulder as to what they believe someone owes them. I hate to be the one to break it to you guys, but NOBODY OWES YOU ANYTHING! Everything that you think might be owed to you, let it go. Chuck it up, and believe that Karma will return anything that wasn’t given at the time you felt you deserved. I find, in my humble opinion, that so many ‘kids’ are in such a rush to do things they believe automatically makes them ‘grown’. Listen, I’ve never considered myself grown as much as I did an adult, but being able to bring dudes into your crib doesn’t make you an adult. Being able to come and go as you please, as doesn’t make you an adult. Being able to problem solve, being able to communicate effectively, being able to apologize for your actions, those are some of the traits that make you an adult.

I can’t tell you how much I was such in a rush to grow up, but now that I am here, I am wishing I was back in middle school. Where my biggest task was completing my homework on time. Guys and Gals, please don’t be in such a rush, Enjoy where are currently in Life, as it goes by so quickly!

Tristan Jonez.