… like Piña Colada

Garlick’s (My mother) favorite alcoholic beverage was Piٌña Colada! I remember her and my godmother would put on music, and while dancing in the kitchen, mix up the ingredients, then blend to perfection in a white blender that was loud af. Bacardi was always the rum of choice, as well as the frozen Bacardi Piña […]


Vaca * tion

So I was on vacation for two whole weeks! I’ve never taken a vacation for that long, ever! Can we discuss how I went from Frankfurt, German to New Orleans, to Chicago. I had such an amazing time, was by myself, the beginning and end, but was joined by friends for Mardi Gras! I will […]


Soon, I promise

I wrote every single day in February. Sometimes I was able to kick out two and three topics for a single day. I was abundantly blessed with content that I was overflowing with words, and for that I’m grateful. Today is the seventh day of March and I have yet to write or post anything, […]