Once Upon A Cuba

I. Tour Guide Boyfriend.

So, picture this, its day one in Cuba, you have literally twenty minutes ago checked into your air bnb, and you are so excited, you are ignoring the urge to take a nap, so you can jump right into Cuba. Well, that was me. I was so excited to get outside, I couldn’t be bothered with resting before exploring. After a few wrong turns, and a walking thru someone’s neighborhood, I found my way into plaza vieja, which would be my favorite place in Havana.

Photo Taken By My Tour Guide Boyfriend

Short Story shorter, I ended up meeting my tour guide boyfriend. My beau showed me all around Havana, pointing out special statues, while giving me the full history on Cuba. He also, was my personal photographer, we spent about five hours together. It was my introduction to Havana, with some spaces that was for locals only. A perfect gentleman, super sweet, and we were able to toggle between English and Spanish. If I had written it for myself, I doubt I could’ve worked that perfectly.

Brace yourself … Theres more to come.


… like Piña Colada

Garlick’s (My mother) favorite alcoholic beverage was Piٌña Colada! I remember her and my godmother would put on music, and while dancing in the kitchen, mix up the ingredients, then blend to perfection in a white blender that was loud af. Bacardi was always the rum of choice, as well as the frozen Bacardi Piña Colada mixers, still found in your neighborhood grocers. On occasions, my mother would make a Virgin Piٌña Colada for my niece and I, but I would still ask for a sip of hers, cuz even as a kid, alcohol was life.

I recently got to experience the hotel in Puerto Rico where the Piña Colada was created. It’s as delicious but as fresh as my mind would’ve imagined it. I toasted to my mother and wished she could be there to experience just how that drink was able capture the ‘tropics’ of Puerto Rico. Next time you’re in Puerto Rico be sure to stop by Caribe Hilton, where you too can ‘taste’ the best of Puerto Rico.


Beach Bum.

For the record, I did put into the Universe that July would be my beach month, and by the end of it, I would have visit four beaches and one pool! I have to start using my voice a lot more often so the Universe can continue to show out!

Never considered myself a Florida girl, and maybe I truly am not one BUT I’ve been having such a great time at Ft. Lauderdale beaches! I also learned I am NOT a pool person at all! There’s something about hearing the crashing of the water that just relaxes me.

Are you a beach or pool person?


Vaca * tion

So I was on vacation for two whole weeks! I’ve never taken a vacation for that long, ever!

Can we discuss how I went from Frankfurt, German to New Orleans, to Chicago. I had such an amazing time, was by myself, the beginning and end, but was joined by friends for Mardi Gras! I will go into deeper discussion about all three places. Initially my plan was to go to carnival in Brazil but that didn’t pan out the way I’d semi planned it. I was even planning on taking Samba lessons as I really wanted to be part of the festivities, but a year flew by so quickly that Feb 2017, snuck up on so quickly that I was unprepared. I’ve been advised that Trinidad Carnival should be on my bucket list, and I am actually putting lots of thought into that idea.

Are you planning on Carnival, in any country next year?

Tristan Jonez

Soon, I promise

I wrote every single day in February. Sometimes I was able to kick out two and three topics for a single day. I was abundantly blessed with content that I was overflowing with words, and for that I’m grateful. Today is the seventh day of March and I have yet to write or post anything, to my readers I do apologize. I’ve just been living a little, taking some time off to do nothing, and everything. As much as it sucks that I haven’t been typing away at my computer keys, the break has been much needed. Inspiration was found, and will be given onto you all.

This might become a habit, but for now I am going to focus on doing what I do best… giving y’all my unsolicited opinion on all things relationship.

Tristan Jonez.

PS. A New post will be live on March 8. Thank you for sticking with me!