Laughed. Cried. Then Laughed again. 

Kudos to author Tia Williams, this book has captured my heart! Being as single as I am, this book just reaffirmed the sappy romantic side of me. I’m still reeling from the ending of the book. I feel, a part of me feels excited that I got to meet these two amazing people, Jenna and Eric. 

I was able to have a front row seat to not only their love but their flaws, their emotions and their weaknesses. Obviously I’m the reader but I enjoyed the transparency of the characters. I am Jenna, and Eric at the same time. I am Darcy and Brian and Jinx. I’m human. The Emotions I’m experiencing during this weird time of singleton (real word?) are valid! 

I’m learning to embrace what I feel as I feel it. Embrace it, learn from it then move the eff on. I recently felt myself getting so frustrated with “love” that I started pushing all notions of love and dating to the depths of my soul, locked away. This book has made me realize there is a perfect find, and sometimes, most times, you don’t have to do a thang to experience it, besides being you. 

Patience will Attract everything you’re looking for. 

Tristan J.