Those Twenty Somethings

My thirty something self dated a twenty something man, and I learned I have absolutely patience for that level of education. Age is more than just a fucking number, Aaliyah Lied! Maybe its because I am a woman, and I know what I like, its hard to teach a man, who THINKS he knows what a woman wants, but ummm no. Fuck No! Maybe Id met the wrong twenty something but I don’t know if I would be open to another cuz y’all… I was exhausted, and not in the most obvious ways. It’s like he wanted to be in charge, in control, but he didn’t have the follow through, that I needed him to have.

As a young man, I get it, you think you know what you’re doing sexually because youre no longer a virgin but I have a few lessons to teach. A twenty something who is unteachable isn’t a man I want to build a damn thing with. Ive never been into dating younger, and the one time I go out of my comfort zone, I get a know it all, who turns out, knows nothing at all.

Tristan Jonez.


Laughed. Cried. Then Laughed again. 

Kudos to author Tia Williams, this book has captured my heart! Being as single as I am, this book just reaffirmed the sappy romantic side of me. I’m still reeling from the ending of the book. I feel, a part of me feels excited that I got to meet these two amazing people, Jenna and Eric. 

I was able to have a front row seat to not only their love but their flaws, their emotions and their weaknesses. Obviously I’m the reader but I enjoyed the transparency of the characters. I am Jenna, and Eric at the same time. I am Darcy and Brian and Jinx. I’m human. The Emotions I’m experiencing during this weird time of singleton (real word?) are valid! 

I’m learning to embrace what I feel as I feel it. Embrace it, learn from it then move the eff on. I recently felt myself getting so frustrated with “love” that I started pushing all notions of love and dating to the depths of my soul, locked away. This book has made me realize there is a perfect find, and sometimes, most times, you don’t have to do a thang to experience it, besides being you. 

Patience will Attract everything you’re looking for. 

Tristan J.