Wine? More Please!

I wasn’t sure what to expect with Gabrielle Union’s book, and therefore I had no expectations. So she pleasantly surprised the shit out of me. I’m not sure why I pictured her as someone who was a bit rigid in her personality but the book was such a good read. Obviously there was some chapters that wasn’t easy to read, although I wasn’t the one living that particular truth, I could still feel her. I’ve added Gabrielle Union to the very short list of women who are friends in my head, Monica is number one, if you was wondering. I respect the level of honesty required to write her book. I’m thankful she found the courage to explore her past, to relive the not so nice parts, to be able to be a story teller to us.

As long as I can remember I was willing to support Gabrielle Union, the actress, now, I’m ready to support Gabrielle Union the woman.

Tristan Jonez.

Ask, Seek and Work

So my life is in a weird space, but it feels like a necessary space for me to be in. “They” always say right before you’re about to level up, your life resembles chaos. I don’t feel chaotic, I do feel eerily calmed. I’m going thru major changes, and real life shit but I know this is the direction I am supposed to be traveling in. How amazing is it to know, without really knowing, that you are on the correct path. There is truly a liteness (word?)  I feel. Its almost as If I am not really experiencing this life, as myself, just someone who is watching this life be lived.

Your steps are guided, make whatever decisions feel correct to you, and if they scare the shit out of you, even better. I will always be here to encourage you to do WHATEVER you feel, and we can work out the rest, the bits and pieces. Put in to the Universe what you want, work towards it and the Universe will conspire to give you everything you could’ve thought you wanted. I promise! I spoke on what I wanted, spoke to myself, to the sky, I let my thoughts only think on what I wanted, and the Universe has been showing me exactly what I asked for. Sacrifices had to be made, but that happens often… You ask the Universe, and the Universe will give it but require sacrifices to see if you are really a person who’ll recognize the opportunity.

Be that person.

Whatever you are ‘losing’ will be returned in such an abundance, this I promise!



Laughed. Cried. Then Laughed again. 

Kudos to author Tia Williams, this book has captured my heart! Being as single as I am, this book just reaffirmed the sappy romantic side of me. I’m still reeling from the ending of the book. I feel, a part of me feels excited that I got to meet these two amazing people, Jenna and Eric. 

I was able to have a front row seat to not only their love but their flaws, their emotions and their weaknesses. Obviously I’m the reader but I enjoyed the transparency of the characters. I am Jenna, and Eric at the same time. I am Darcy and Brian and Jinx. I’m human. The Emotions I’m experiencing during this weird time of singleton (real word?) are valid! 

I’m learning to embrace what I feel as I feel it. Embrace it, learn from it then move the eff on. I recently felt myself getting so frustrated with “love” that I started pushing all notions of love and dating to the depths of my soul, locked away. This book has made me realize there is a perfect find, and sometimes, most times, you don’t have to do a thang to experience it, besides being you. 

Patience will Attract everything you’re looking for. 

Tristan J. 

Shrt & Swt


On the suggestion of a friend, I am going to attempt to write a short story. I am going to be way out of my comfort zone here but I will get this done. Tonight I wrote a page, and I really would like to stay up longer, but I am dirt tired. So I will pick up where I left off in the morning.

I will give you a peek into my writing world, when I write, I am only dotting down the movie that is playing in my head. My characters are living out their lives as if they are not only figments of my imagination. My characters name is Rachel and Andrew/Drew, however until the book is finished EVERYTHING is subject to change.