I NEVER want anyone to be brutally honest with me about anything but I would like folks to be wholly honest. Purposely omitting, telling half truths, isn’t the same as being fully honest, especially when you’re an adult. I’ve lived with the idea, if I am asking a question, I am prepared to received the harshest of news. Once again, If I am asking, I want to know the answer. And its ‘honorable’ to not want to hurt my feelings but you can’t control the narrative because you’re afraid of what my following action MIGHT be. If you set up the explanation in a way that I believe something that isn’t fully correct, then you’ve lied.

And Nobody wants to be bothered with a liar. Tighten Up!



He told me I deserved better but he wasn’t ready to give me better. We are always willing to applaud someone for their honesty but hold your applause. He knew from jump what I was/am looking for so for him to pursue anything other than friendship is a sucka move. I have no problem growing with the man I’m with but I’m not going to wait for you to get ur shit together. Why would I? 

This man isn’t ready now, so when will he be? And what is he doing to prepare himself for a life with me? Will he still be sowing his oats with others? The fact that I have all these unanswered questions let me know I have to keep it moving. I’m not going to be with half a man just to say I have one. Nope! That’s for the birds. 

Would you stay or walk away? 

Tristan Jonez