Watch The Fade to Blk

I’ve come to have more of an appreciation of Jay-Z as I’ve gotten older.

Big up to my homie Deja, because of said friend, I am able to listen to the FULL collection of work by Jay, on Tidal. I wanted to hear his interview which was exclusively, on Tidal, but then I started to miss being able to hear his music whenever. Yesterday, I was going thru some of the music, and really thinking about his songs/albums and which one or ones relates to my life. Watch the Throne is my absolute Favorite body of work.

SideNote: I’ll be happy when Kanye and Jay, finally sit down and hash out whatever the issue is between them. Listening to Watch the Throne, has me all in my feelings as they make AMAZING music, it’s such a special body of work. As men, I know it sometimes take a bit longer to reach out when lines have been crossed, but as family, we all gotta swallow our pride and make the move.

SideNote II: Although I haven’t really had a chance to listen to 4:44, Watch the Throne will forever be Number one for me.  Every time I listen to the album I feel as though I am fucking royalty, and I am coming into my own as a blk princess. I love the contrast between Jay-Z’s voice and Kanye’s. Even the flow of the album sits well with me, honestly one of both their best work.

Tristan Jonez.


Wake Up Mr.West

I am a Kanye West Fan.

I’ve loved him since College Dropout, its only an incredible plus that he’s from Chicago. (I Love everything Chicago) Mr.West early music is still poppin’. I know if it was played at any function or event it would rock the hell out of it. Although his new music is cool, I can’t help but to listen to his earlier works. Tonight while allowing my creative juices to flow, I started with Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book but the first song to play was “No Problems” f/ Kanye West. So it was only natural, that I had to shuffle his whole catalog.

Fun Fact, 808s & Heartbreak is my favorite album. It is such a well put together album, Kanye is such a freaking genius for that album! I can (and do) Listen to the whole album, from from to back, then again shuffled. I add the shuffle feature so I’ll be surprised as to which songs will play. Although I do love Mr. West, I do feel as if he has gotten away from the type of music I would like him to create. With that said I do understand the need to be creative and move past what’s been created, and satisfy the need to create, not only more but what new.