After Break up.

I am not petty but right is right. If we break up, you have to break up with everything I put you on to while together. So that bar you like, done. That restaurant where you like their wings, done. You cannot go there anymore, and you especially can’t put the next chick on. I do not want to go to my favorite spot, Angel of Harlem, and see you there! Nope. Find another place, matter fact go back to the wack spots you was frequenting prior to meeting the amazing me!

Story Time: My favorite bar while I was with my ex was Tonic. OMG! I turned 21 at Tonic, so it was my Ace of Spades, well I put my ex on, and he loved it there. That after we broke up, he thought it was acceptable to continue to frequent my spot, and even brought his damn friends. Negative! It’s not fair to me that I am no longer able to hang out at the bar I love because you don’t know how to follow the rules and break up with Tonic.

I am a lot more careful about who I show my favorite spots to, and trust its a couple. Because I’ve explored New York City so well, I had hidden gems from everything to dinner to dessert. I wonder IF I had the guys I was dating sign an agreement that they wouldn’t frequent my favorite places once we broke up, if they would actually sign it.

Tristan Jonez.