Body Me Up

First, Chicago was beautiful today! Oh my gosh. It’s been too long since I’ve been able to truly feel the sun on my face. This was the perfect ending to the weekend!

I was able to visit the Market for Makers today, and boy, I think I’ve found a few new body care companies, bonus two out of the three I supported today are black owned. There is just something about seeing folks who look like you, selling something that is amazingly good for my skin. I’m already headed to being a super fan. I’ll admit it, I’m a lover of anything vanilla scented, and Southern Girl Skincare had just what I needed. So of course the first product I touched was Suga Cookie. Upon my initial deep smell, I was transported back to a cabin, where I was sitting in front of the first, drinking my hot chocolate and eating a snickerdoodle cookie. It was magnificent without being too sugary sweet. I knew for sure I just had to have it, plus it was the VERY last one, Score! Because I could not choose between well butter my cocoa and Oh Scarlett, I just threw both in the bag! Cue Fab’s, “Just throw it in the bag”

There had been a crowd around Mocha Tree Organics, every single time I had tried to get a peek at the body scrubs, but finally (!!) the crowd had dissipated. I made a run for the table before anyone could notice. So many options of scrubs all pleasantly scented, it was hard to choose, so naturally I tested the first item my hand touched, Basil Bay Rum. Such an earthy but extremely moisturizing scent/product, I paired my experience with Jasmine Rose because where’s there’s jasmine, there’s me! A small amount truly goes a long way, after my much needed hand scrub, I could not stop touching my hands and relishing in how soft it was. For the rest of the day, I could do nothing more than caress my throughly moisturized hands!

But don’t take my word, check out and

You’re Welcomed, Tristan Jonez.

Buff Body 

So… I was not feeling the price point when I first purchased Body in the buff by Alba Botanica, however when I got home and used it the first time, I really wasn’t happy! At first try, I thought the micro beads were too small, and not coarse enough to actually be able to exfoliate my skin in the way that it needed to be scrubbed. So I chucked it up as a garbage product, and pretty much vowed to never used it again. I left the bottle in the bathroom, in the corner as it was on punishment for disappointing me, and for being such a pricey product. I ended up buying another similar shaped bottle, so when I used this the second time, it was purely by accident. However the way in how I used Body in the Buff, so I received a different result… which ended in my now love for the product! If you would like the product to work as intended you have to learn to relax. This is not to be used when you are in a rush!
I found when I took my time, massage the scrub into my skin, then massaged it into my skin once more I received the best results. It’s such a relaxing experience, if I wasn’t standing up, alone, in the shower I would’ve thought I was at the spa getting pampered. Take your time with this product, close your eyes, knead it like your body is the dough, and you have to get all the air out. Plan to spend at least ten minutes, just rubbing and scrubbing yourself down. After you finish pampering yourself, rinse off, then admire your now glistening skin. I promise your skin will feel smoother, cleaner, brighter. I have a cluster of stars on my chest, overtime I use Body in the Buff by Alba Botanica, my stars are brightened, my skin now sparkling.
Even though I was initially unhappy with my purchased, I just needed to make it work for me. The Grapefruit scent is my favorite, I love this product in the morning, as it gives me an extra kick to start my day off right!

Tristan Jonez.