Valentine’s Day (review)

Who knew, Valentine’s Day, the movie was good? I just finished watching, and It was throughly enjoyable. Also, It tickled me when Ashton Kutcher’s character was trying to get a ticket, and went to the Southwest Airlines Counter. The movie was a bit chaotic, it reminded me of the movie Crash, where all the characters are connected. Valentine’s Day can really bring out all the emotions, from all characters. I do like we were able to see young love, newly love, love that was ending, friendship love blossoming into more, etc.

I might have to make this a tradition. Next year, Join me, we’ll be watching Valentine’s Day. Its a Date?


Valen times Day

Its my favorite holiday! Well, my second. (St. Patty’s Day Rule) However I love all the displays of outward love & affection. I know, I’m the girl that watches rom com’s for fun, even the ones I’ve seen a million times, so obviously its no secret that I’m just a sucker for (other people) love. I had to work Valentine’s weekend but I was able to get home early enough. I treated myself to a delicious dinner that I cooked myself, but the true kicker? I brought a cupcake before I left for work Three days ago … YUP I ate it! Judge Yaself, cuz I do not care.

Since I barely got any sleep last night, we diverted into BWI then was delayed for about three hours. So When I got home this afternoon, I cleaned my food bag, and settle in. I took an incredible hot af shower, put on my silver coloured satin pajamas, and watched After Earth. (Seen It?)

What do you choose to do today? Hopefully you spent it feeling loved.

Tristan Jonez.