5 Year Plan.

So a friend asked me last night what was my five year plan to which I responded, “Don’t have one.”

Backstory, said friend mentioned wanting to experience Egypt before she died, (No, she isn’t sick) but after my response of, “Girl, Yes! Research flights, excursions, food, and places to stay” she said, oh no not right now, in about five years. I’m like FIVE YEARS? Girl, you could die, waiting! My friend went on to explain, she’s working on paying off debt which could take another two years, possibly buying a house, after that, then she thinks she’ll be ready to travel in a manner she’d like. Now, I know having goals are a great thing, I have em too, just my goals revolve around traveling.

With the current climate we are living in, Life’s fragility seems so much more apparent. So much more real. It’s as if, we are understanding that we are not as invincible as we believed ourselves to be. With that knowledge, I couldn’t see myself waiting for … something. If I want it, I need to make it happen, without placing a timetable on it. For me, a five year plan wouldn’t sustain me, because I’m aware of how fleeting time is.

So, “Why wait for tomorrow, when you can go today?!”

Tristan Jonez

Dear Diary …

Why is it when you’re waiting for a particular day on the calendar it takes literally forever to get to that date?! Although I’ve only been waiting a few weeks, the days are crawling by at a snails pace. I now fully understand when folks are ready to go home from work/school and what feels like eight hours, in reality is only eight minutes.

Ughhhhh!!!! Yeah Yeah, I hear you saying patience is a virtue. Time continues moving forward, and the day will be here sooner than you know! Well forget sooner than I know and just come along already. B

Nothing to share with you Diary as I’m stilllllllll waiting but July 30th, we’ll know! Excited yet? Lord knows I am!