According to Shelley

“Let me touch your soul, just like I touch your skin” Exposure.

I know our according to … usually is us breaking down the lyrics to our (My) favorite songs, and I started writing this with the intention of doing that here. But … I don’t think it’s needed. One of my absolute favorite songs on the reintroduction of DRAM, now known as Shelley. Have you listened to the album yet? If not, I’ll give y’all a few days, then sometime in the next week we can discuss our favorite songs. But today! (!!!!!) Go and listen to Exposure.

You’re Welcomed.



I took a few days off of social media, so I’ve been listening to music instead. Filling my head with all types of genres, and instruments. Just like you, I love that music can take us to places we’ve never been but have been, it can remind us of people and things. I just love it! Well I’m back to listening to Mack Wilds.

Although no one has asked me to I rearrange his track listings for his album “Afterhours” just because the current listing doesn’t have a flow to it. As a fan, I did him a favor, and put my stank on it. Rest Assure, he’d love it.

So here’s the new track listing.

  1. Crash
  2. Explore
  3. Stingy
  4. Stolen Gold
  5. Bonnie & Clyde
  6. Senses
  7. Obsession
  8. Go Crazy
  9. Choose
  10. Vibes
  11. #Couldthisbelove

Also I’ve opted to remove the Intro, Its not needed.

Tristan Jonez.

According to Wale.

“She gonna find her solace, in knowing a nigga is damaged. She gonna take my heart, cuz a nigga took her for granted.”

Solace n. Comfort or consolation in a time of distress or sadness.

Now Wale, I can’t speak for all Women, but being with a damaged man, makes EVERYTHING that much fucking harder, especially anything surrounding emotions. I’m sure if we knew PRIOR to catching feelings for this man, that he was damaged, we would exit stage right immediately. Black men hardly want to identify the triggers that caused damage, barely want to explore how to correct those triggers so he isn’t ‘bleeding’ on the next, or acknowledge that he is damaged at all! IF and when, a man gives us his heart after he’s been damaged, its a struggle, it stays a struggle because he stays on guard, just waiting for the moment we screw up then he can retreat back to his shell.

Vulnerability adj. susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm.

Falling in Love requires vulnerability. You are literally placing your heart in the hands of someone who can hurt you, but you are placing faith and confidence that they won’t. You can’t be in love and have one foot in, nah. Love requires both feet, and all body parts including your brain. You have to be more than okay handing over the most sacred part of yourself over to someone. I’m sure not Love can work otherwise, damaged or not.

Tristan Jonez.

Song Lyrics from Break my heart (My Fault) Ft. Lil Durk

Back To Me

One of the very best women empowerment albums is Fantasia’s Back to me. I can’t exactly remember what was going on in her life, as I am not a stalker, but every single song she comes with fire. Telling woman they can do anything they put their mind to, telling woman not to accept whatever a man chooses to give you but to raise your standards, and leave them right where they stand if need be.

I almost said, this album was dedicated to woman who were just getting back on their feet, but nah, thats just limiting. This album is for those who are ready to change their circumstances, those who need to hear that extra boost of motivation and confidence, that they can do it all!

Tristan Jonez.

FYI: Favorite song, Man of the House, Even Angels and Who’s been lovin’ you, however the WHOLE album is my favorite!

Chief Don’t Run.

So who’s responsibility was it to tell me all about Jidenna? Cuz y’all dropped the ball miserably. Why wasn’t I told about how amazing as an artist this man is? Or at the very minimum, why didn’t anyone tell me about his album? Shame on you guys for trying to keep this talent away from me! For the past week I’ve been obsessed with his music! Between Jidenna and Wale, I have my music palette filled. It’s weird because when I think I am done with listening to The Chief, I’m right back to bumping it.

So … because I am a Johnny come late with everything, especially music, I am out of luck in securing tickets for his tour. Yup! I will not be seeing Jidenna perform anything live! I am so heartbroken as I KNOW his album would be the truth. I’ve never seen him perform any of his songs, or even seen any videos from him but I know he would just give his all to us, the fans. Especially since he came to Molly’s (perceived) rescue on Insecure… I know, I know, that’s not real life, but hey! Do you guys have any favorite songs from this album? It took me forever to narrow it down to just three, but the whole album is FIRE!

Top Three: Chief don’t run, Bambi, The Let Out… Honorable mention Little Bit More, Helicopters / Beware, Some Kind of Way and Trampoline

Tristan Jonez