Forgive them not.

Forgive all who have offended you, not for them, but for yourself. -Harriet Nelson

I’m the forgiving type. Always have been. There’s only so much space in my head, so I just cant keep a grudge. Don’t get me wrong, I may forgive you but I don’t have to ever interact with you after the fact again. There is no one that I’ve lost that I want back.

Its funny because I have a sibling, older, who I have no interest in interacting with again. I’ve forgiven the incredibly shitty things she’s done to me, without an apology I might add, but I don’t expect one from her. Just because I’ve forgiven her for things done, doesnt means I have to turn the other cheek either. I don’t start situations with folks, but I don’t shy from saying whatever I’m feeling if need be. I’m a sensitive flower but I will fight back too. There’s too much of a backstory, thirty years, to break everything down to yall, but I will post one situation.

My sibling has a tendency to be rude, nasty and sometimes harsh with the wording she chooses in her delivery. I made it known I did not like the way she was speaking to me and if she continued we would no longer be talking. I understand I will always be seen as her little sister but I’m an adult and she need to respect me such. Well she did not like what I told her and went on Instagram to make it known. We are/were friends on there so I saw what she wrote and felt the need to respond. As an adult if you have an issue, it should be your duty to come to me personally. Only children use social media as a form of conflict resolution, I even told her via her social media, she can take it offline, if she wanted. Needless to say she did not respond. I truly love my sister but I’ve lost respect for her, based on her behavior, but I forgive her for those same behaviors, I just choose to keep my distance. But I Wish her the very best life has to offer her.

Its okay to forgive people, hell I encourage it, just don’t put yourself in situations that would make you forgive them again. Let it be a lesson, but learn from it the first time. An old dog doesn’t usually learn new tricks, remember that.



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