Yeah, I be snooping.

Let’s have honest talk.

How many of you guys are checking the twitter/Instagram/Facebook of your ex? I will be the first to raise my hand,and state that I have checked my ex’s twitter in the last month. Why? I just want to know what he is up to, even though its none of my concern. I don’t care as I didnt want to be with him, but sometimes I’m a bit curious as tow hat he is doing. One would argue that clearly I do care cuz If I didnt I wouldn’t be checking anything he has going on.

Sue Me, I’m human.

I blame it on being single. I dont have nothing occupying my time, besides work and my website. I’m hoping once I move into my new apartment I will be so busy with that plus travelling I will not have the time to be checking on what homie has going on. What are some of the reasons you’re snooping on your ex’s social media?

Oh and he does have a new girlfriend.