Lumberjack Joe

So I recently went on a date, I know I said Im not dating but shit happens. Let’s call him Lumberjack Joe, so first let me put it out there that he’s not someone I would usually date, but since I’m not dating I figured I should expand my horizon. On first look, he was very hoboish looking, 80’s style, he looked much older than thirty two but he was sweet and charming so why not give this man a chance.

We met on 145th street, I took the train he rode his bike. In person he looked the same as his photos on OKCupid, bald with a healthy beard, wearing a fanny pack, a dad hat and cut off shorts. Our first destination was his favorite African eatery in harlem, food was pretty good, conversation was slow but started to pick up towards the end of the meal. At this point Im not really feeling like we are a match, not really feeling any sparks. Lumberjack Joe advises me he has a child, 18 months, in my mind Im like oh hell no. A man having a child, especially under five is an instant NO. Now we are done with lunch so we are walking back up the hill on 145th in route to grab drinks.

The time now is 4:15, happy hour is not until 5 so he wants to kill the time before we go to the spot. This annoys me a tad bit, If we are on a date, you as the man take on the responsibility of being able to pay for the date, especially if this is something that you have planned. If you knew that happy hour started at 5, then you should have started the date at 4 so it would flow right into drinks. But okay. So we are at Riverside Park lounging, chit chatting about nothing and everything, people watching, enjoying the breeze.

The time goes by quickly so we are now having drinks. I start babbling about my baby, my website, and I light up. When it comes to my art, I can take about it for hours. He shows an interest in it, so we are bouncing ideas off of each other, the conversation is flowing, this is nice. I’m still not feeling anything but I do like him … as a friend. I’m not getting any butterflies but he attentive, hand on mine, a touch here, a smile there. It’s refreshing to meet someone who can converse intelligently.

Let me back track, I was a bit late to meet up with him as I was coming from work and I wanted to change out of my uniform. Lumberjack Joe made the comment about since I was late I’ll be the one paying for drinks. I laughed it off cuz I thought he was joking, well he wasnt. Now I dont have an issue every paying for dinner/date but I wont do it for the first one. And if I do, you’re a dub to me. I would never take you serious because you fail to know the rules of engagement.

So I paid for the drinks, and never went out with him again.



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