Three’s a crowd

So recently I had a conversation with a guy who I’ve been semi friends with for about two years now. Our friendship started off with us being interested in one another but we were both too busy to put forth any real effort. So we are back chatting with one another, and he told me that he is interested in me. He went on to tell me how he believes I am the whole package and we can probably have an amazing life together, If I could agree to a simple request.

His request; he would like to be able to have threesomes with me occasionally, nevermind the fact that I’m not interested in females. Initially I thought the man was joking, but nope he is dead serious. I politely declined. I whole heartily understand that no matter who you choose, or choose you, you will not love everything about that person. However I’m not willing to become bisexual AND have threesome just because he believes we can be amazing together, when its just us two. Honestly, maybe we could’ve been great for each other but I’m not going to fulfil his fantasies at the expense of my inner peace.



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