Angel Of Harlem

I’m all about food.

If you follow me on Instagram then you know I love Angel of Harlem. I try my best not to frequent it as often as I do but I love it. They have one of the best sangria’s Ive tasted as of late, the white sangria. It has the perfect blend of fruit and wine. I first experienced Angel of Harlem as my sistergirl was celebrating her birthday, with a dinner party. A good time was had by all! Angel of Harlem is one of those places, where grabbing a drink turns into a full fledge party. The Dj is always on point, the next time I go, I will make it my business to find out who is on the turn tables.

The main attraction, according to me is the Salmon. As per the menu it is a pecan crusted salmon on top of roasted Brussels sprouts, rum cranberries with a ginger thyme aioli, basically heaven on your plate then in your mouth. Literally perfection. Angel of Harlem’s Salmon is in my top three. I’m not sure if I would recommend it as a first date night restaurant, only because its super loud but its a fourth date kinda gig.

The vibe is crazy. Its the perfect place to either vibe out or get turnt. Angel of Harlem is a host to plenty of themed nights, so be sure to check their instagram page before you make plans. I partial went to two of their events, one was game night, and the other was a singles mixer. Single Ladies, the men were looking very dapper, very put together. I was impressed with the selection of chocolate that was around, men in suits just coming from work, and men in street wear coming from the gym. Men, the women was there looking very sexy, and well put together. There’s something for everyone. Come Meet me in Harlem soon.

Angel of Harlem, 2272 Frederick Douglass Blvd NY NY 10029


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