How to.

If I’m ever in need of inspiration, How to make it in America, is my go to show! It is the epitome of hustling to follow your dream, and making mistakes every single step of the way. But that’s what I love about the show. It validates that your dreams are real, and you better hustle like hell to make them come true, and even when you hustle, you can still fail. The best thing about the show, Is Cam and Ben have one another. Granted in your real life you may be going at this alone, but I encourage you to find a squad/tribe that you can unpack/vent to. I’m out here trying to make the best of what I have, but Im still looking and meeting folks that will be my squad.

Do I expect everyone I meet to be apart of my vision… No. But I do expect to have those interactions either be a lesson or a blessing, either way it will be beneficial for me. I definitely out here hustling for the vision I see for myself, cuz when its my time to go, this chick will have NO REGRETS!

What do you do when your inspiration is low? How do/did you find your squad?


Tristan J.


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