I slid up in his DM and got politely rejected.

Listen I am all for women going out and approaching men. Why should the guys have all the fun. If a man catches my eye, of course I will approach him. Since I do not know him, there’s nothing to fear. Rejection? Sigh, thats a fact of life. I’m sure before this rejection there has been other times I was told No, but I don’t remember them and soon enough I will forget this time as well. We always hear life is too short, which is true, so why not, Just do it?!

Have you ever been on the train (NewYorkers) and seen someone attractive? How many times have you made eye contact and smiled but they did nothing to come your way? OR how many times have someone looked at you and you absolutely felt the vibes, but neither of you made a move? How many misconnections have you experienced? Well one is too many for me. I will continue to approach folks, and attempt to explore the connection.

Tristan J.



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