I am supposed to be writing.

But every time I sit down at the computer my mind draws a complete blank. I know this writing block has something to do with all the stress Ive been feeling lately with work and Homelife, but I would like it to be done. I work a high level stressed job, so when I get home I will my mind to go blank, but its been pretty bad lately. I cannot remember the last time I really had something to say. I do apologize for not writing but I’d rather write nothing then write nonsense.

Homelife is a conversation I would rather never have. Yes it is THAT bad but I’m staying positive that change will occur sooner than later.

However I do apologize, I feel like I’ve shown pieces of myself to only close myself again.  I promise that is not the case, I am still that opened book, I just need to live a lil.


Tristan J.


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  1. I’m going through this right now! You’re not alone girl… I’ve been feeling uninspired and drained.. I love writing but have only had the energy to write short poems or quotes! God be with us it will get better! #backtothawriting

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