Either This

It’s either my way or my way! -Tristan J

So this evening I was told that not everything will go my way. My first thought was Im not five anymore, but more importantly why can’t everything go my way? I do believe everyone we meet are to provide a lesson. EVERYONE. Its just up to us to find the lesson in the relationship.

This lesson, Whats in the past should stay there. You can’t breathe life into a lifeless situation. Let what is dead die! Stop wasting your time with folks that don’t get it. Stop trying to explain, when its obvious they don’t and will not get it. At this stage of my life, yes it is my way or bounce. I’m too old to try to make you understand why Im asking for the things I am asking for. I know to ask the Universe for my needs, I don’t ask for anything I am not ready or prepared for. That same logic can and should be applied to relationships, I am not here to change your mind on whatever it is that you are seeking. I am just here to be my fabulous self, while making life that much easier for you.

Get you a Winner Babe.

Tristan Jonez


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