I learned a lesson today folks. Well I received a nice little reminder… STOP begging people to support you. As much as we all want support stop begging people to give it to you. If its not coming from a place where they would like to do it freely, then I don’t want it. As a ‘friend’ I shouldn’t have to beg you for your support, cuz if the shoe was on the other foot, I would gladly be repping your name in these streets.

I was also reminded, that people might not be supporting you because your wack! You have to be honest with yourself about your content. It is on message with your brand? Is it good? If you was scrolling by is this something that would catch your eye? I want you to enjoy the success that is SURELY going to come if you continue to have a critical eye about your content. I use Instagram heavily, so I am constantly evaluating my content. If I never heard about ‘Tristan Jonez’ is this a post that would pull me in, would I want to find out about this person, would I even care about this content?

You have to be your OWN support system. Until your content, your personality , your vibes, brings on your tribe. Treat that one supporter like gold man. When I find really good content, I can’t shut up about it. Word of Mouth is your best marketing tool, but to get there you have to put in the work.

Tristan J.



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