Act Two

Why do men wait until you no longer care, to act right? As an adult, I think I am over the games that folks play so I have no interest in participating in them. So I do let it be known that I’m feeling them, I am not super aggressive, I would rather let a man take it to that next step. I don’t feel like I need to chase you, nope. All I have to do is let you know how I feel, and you either take it from there or be like nah T, I’m just not interested in you. I can appreciate any man that tells me, straight up, that they aren’t interested.

Its funny cuz I can be feeing you until I’m not. I really think men be having this spidey sense cuz the second I’m like this dude is a dub, they want to come with the dinner date and flowers. Then get upset with me when I’m not receptive to any of that shit, cuz dude it’s too late. I’m good on you! In most cases, when I’m chatting with someone, its because they have hit ME up, if you wasn’t ready, then why you bothered? And I’m going to be sitting around wondering why they aren’t acting right.. Nah I’ll be already unto the next.

Tristan J.



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