Blk Men Only?

Are you only interested in dating black men?

I’ve thought about this question, and my response. Hell I am still thinking about it. I want to believe that I am an open minded female, that I would be willing to date whomever but will I? As a kid, my mother would always joke, that I would be the one in the family who would bring an Indian or Asian man to Christmas dinner before a black man. I am a lover of people, so race  doesn’t matter much. I’m opened to dating black men, but if there’s attraction there, why not?

I do find, that even though I am opened to dating other races, men of other races do not feel the same. Being intimate is one thing but being open to a long term relationship, is another monster to conquer. Hell black men don’t seem interested in dating a black woman so…

To answer the original question, No I am not only interested in dating a black man, just looking for one who’ll respect and Love me, no matter the race.



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