Reward Reward 

With so few that truly defines what it means to be a friend, should we reward those who get it right? Now hear me out, I don’t think I should “pay” you to be my friend but if I’m out and about is it acceptable to purchase something for my friend? Personally my friendship in return is the reward for you completing your duties as “friend”. While I think gifts should be reserved for birthdays and holidays, you should always show your appreciation for a good friend. But don’t be confused with good friend behavior. ITS NOT THE SAME! 

Anyone can be a good friend, once. It’s the consistency that creates a balanced friendship. I shouldn’t wonder if your going to be there when it’s needed. Loyalty shouldn’t be questioned. And if I find myself questioning your loyalty then what use are you as a friend? 

Tristan J. 

Blk Men Only?

Are you only interested in dating black men?

I’ve thought about this question, and my response. Hell I am still thinking about it. I want to believe that I am an open minded female, that I would be willing to date whomever but will I? As a kid, my mother would always joke, that I would be the one in the family who would bring an Indian or Asian man to Christmas dinner before a black man. I am a lover of people, so race  doesn’t matter much. I’m opened to dating black men, but if there’s attraction there, why not?

I do find, that even though I am opened to dating other races, men of other races do not feel the same. Being intimate is one thing but being open to a long term relationship, is another monster to conquer. Hell black men don’t seem interested in dating a black woman so…

To answer the original question, No I am not only interested in dating a black man, just looking for one who’ll respect and Love me, no matter the race.


Don’t Chase. 

There are too many people out here willing to give you everything you’ve been looking for, you do not have to chase anyone for anything! What one person is not giving there are others who will go above and beyond. Find those folks. Let those folks find you. As dry as my phone currently is, I’m done chasing people. I’d rather have a dry ass phone then have to deal with nonsense, especially from a grown up.
If y’all didn’t notice I’m trying to glow up. Anything less than that is NOT for me. I’m trying this new routine where I put myself first and anyone willing to be apart of my World will respect that, and place themselves where needed.