Chances Chances.

Now normally I am not a second chance giver but lately I think I have a different view on it. We are all human and fall short of the Glory of God (Whomever you may believe in), if he/she can forgive us, forget about it and give another chance who am I not to do the same?

So, my question to you, Can you trust someone who has previously hurt you? I believe you can. A phrase that came to mind as soon as I answered, “A tiger cannot change his stripes” but we are not animals, although we sometimes have the tendency to act as such. We are a sophisticated society, who have the ability to use or minds to build cities, so it is not possible that we can not change for the better? I do not want to be the same person I was last week, last year, I want to continuously do and be better.

In life and love we definitely fall short of the person we would like to be, and to the people we’d like to be with. I want to believe that If I met the love of my life, but didn’t recognize, I would work on myself so when I got the opportunity to reconnect with that person I would take full advantage. Sometimes we need a door slammed in our face to get the point.

Tristan Jonez.


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