The Perfect Kast

Big Up to The Perfect Kast for Episode 41: New Suit… Who this?

I can’t even put into words how amazed I am that you all were a billion percent honest about your lack or your openness about your feelings of masculinity in the black community. We definitely need to continue to have this conversation in such an open setting, and once we have the conversation, we need to have it again! As you all pointed out the generation prior to us, still don’t get it, and they probably won’t, but I am determined to try to get through to them. Shit, growing up, the word of life was, “What happens in this house, stays in this house.” As a child, how do we determine what events we are to keep in the house? My family, personally, is so full of secrecy that I don’t know what is allowed to be talked about, and what I am supposed to keep to myself.

I appreciate that you was open enough to let us know that you sought counseling, and that you have shared your experience with your frat brothers. As funny and hilarious as the show always is, I thank you for taking the time to address this subject, because you guys could have easily changed the topic.

Tristan Jonez


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