The Outside World

In a minute, I’m going to post this question to Instagram, but I wanted to enter my own views on ‘wax’ before my opinion was swayed by others.

You’ve just experienced an emergency, the guy you’re dating can assist, but doesn’t/failed to do so. Would you continue to date them?

In my humble opinion, I’m not going to continue to date you. Strictly on principle, because if the situation was reversed I would do what I could to help. Especially if this is someone I want to be with. Now obviously, providing assistance comes within reason, for example if they are a relator and you’re looking for an apartment, I would assume they would assist. Or if I’m in the market for a car, and he had a relationship with a car dealership, I would assume he would at least make the introduction. I know the art of chivalry is dead, but I want my guy to be soaking in gentlemanly qualities. I don’t want to date a man, who doesn’t at least try to remedy a problem I may be having. My relationship should be the peace, from the outside World.




  1. Well it depends on what type of emergency. A situation being medical ( life or death only) maybe I would stop dating him. We can be in a type of emergency like car problems, moving etc. I probably wouldn’t stop dating him, I just wouldn’t ask his lazy tail for help anymore.

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    1. I agree with you about the type of emergency, or perhaps emergency was too strong of a word. I just want to know that if something is going down, I can rely on you.
      Thank you for responding! 😃


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