Stimulate My Soul.

I can’t remember the last time I made a decision for my own benefit. Every decision I’ve made in the past year or so has been for the benefit of another person. I don’t like telling folks no, as I don’t like to let anyone down. I don’t like not being there for someone else, even if it is at the cost of myself. I’ve been sick to my stomach, because I’ve been so overwhelmed with a combination of things but yet, I was still trying to put others need before my own.

One day recently  I was calling everyone I knew because I needed help.  I was super sick, and I wasn’t sure If I could get to my destination on my own. So I reached out to several different people, but I couldn’t get an answer from anyone. Granted, folks have the right to be busy, but it was a wake up call. I have to be in full account for how I treat myself, an empty cup isn’t of use to anyone. My cup is currently empty but I working on replenishing it but for myself this time.

What do you do to refuel? How do you put yourself first?




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