Dude Stop. 

I want to believe I am honest in what I write, especially when it comes to information about myself. Plus folks are going to judge, so I’d rather folks judge me based on my actual truth. Since I turned 31, I’ve felt as if I have to get married, I have to have children,  sooner than later, so I was making decision based of that fact. WRONG MOVE!

Recently I realized Im out here looking nuts. I’m allowing shit from men that I wouldn’t even date otherwise, dealing with BS just cuz I panicked that I would be alone. I was like well Jonez, having someone who is half decent is better than not having anyone at all. See, I was straight tripping! I had to really be honest with myself about my actions, I had to make the choice, to make myself happy long term. I left two relationships in my life because of the long term. I wasn’t wit being disrespected at 25, so I had to chat with myself cuz allowing disrespect now, wasn’t the move.

Plus Im not alone, I have you guys. Loves You.

Tristan Jonez