Baked By Carrie

Have you ever been so proud of someone, that your heart felt like it would burst? Can I tell you about my friend, and make up artist Baked by Carrie? Carrie is one of the sweetest but silliest human beings, I’ve come across in my life! I don’t think I’ve ever had a conversation with her that didn’t have at least ten minutes of straight laughter. I could be going thru, the worst moment, and Carrie will find a way to make a joke out of it. Not only is a she a professional artist, but her talents extend to photography, and a touch of videography. Recently she entered the NYX Face Awards, with her version of an Egyptian goddess, first I was blown away! I got a sneak peak at her projected ‘face’ but that was just a rough draft, so be able to see the full finished project! MY GOD!

Carrie blew it out of the water! From the first frame, it was like pow! I’m a damn Egyptian goddess, not only will you respect me, you will bow down and kiss my damn feet. I watched the video entry, feeling like a proud momma, watching her baby take her first steps. I’ve seen the progress from beginner to where she is now, and I’m blown away. I know for sure she is going to take her artistry as far as she’d like it to go. Unfortunately she did not move on to the next round of the Awards, BUT she killed it!

Be Sure to check her out on Youtube as Baked by Carrie. Trust me, she’s worth the Watch!

Tristan Jonez.


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