Still not dating.

I always tell you guys that I am tired of being single, but then I’m tired of dating. So I took a few weeks/months off from dating as I just couldn’t bare to meet someone else, who wanted to waste my time. So I’ve been focusing more on traveling, and exploring the
Worldy ways of the World. However now that I am back in the US, I’m back to thinking about dating. Why cant prince incredible just fall out of the sky, in front of me, and just wisk me away in our own personal fairytale?

I am over using dating websites, such as OKCupid and EHarmony, even though I am sure someone has had success. I want to meet you and feel your vibe, that’s hard to do over the phone or internet, but no, its not impossible. However I think I’m just done with it, I was meeting folks off the internet, when it was still taboo to do so. I know we are such a community of technology, and who has the time to meet someone in person, but guess what? I’m just going to have to make the damn time!


Tristan Jonez.



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