Brown Sugar.

One of my favorite movies, in life. Brown Sugar. Sidney (Sid) and Andre (Dre), met through hip hop, then fell in love cuz of hip hop. I knew a real life Sid and Dre, except they didn’t have the happy ending, and they never would.

Lets call the real life couple, Tiff and J. They bonded over life, over sarcasm, over living. Life was better and brighter because they had each other. Word is bond, shorty was tight. When J found a new restaurant, it was Tiff who he called to experience it with. When Tiff needed a break from everyday life’s annoyance, it was J who she called. A friendship could not have been any more perfect, THEN love ruined it.

When it was revealed, that J was in love, Tiff tried to make herself feel something she didn’t at the time. The friendship took a dive, it crashed and burned. Time heals all wounds, but it could not heal this. Feelings were already hurt, so J moved on, gets engaged, has a child. But you never forget the girl that set your heart on fire, in all ways.














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