A Huge Shout Out to the Amazing folks over at #RiskHappy! Huge Huge Shout Out!

I can’t even begin to question why these amazing folks slid into my DM to Thank me?! For Guess What? For Supporting Them! Listen Linda!

If you are unfamiliar with #RiskHappy, first take the time to check out their website, Riskhappy.co // The Purpose of #RiskHappy is a stance against comfort zones (I love mine) insecurity, mediocrity, and the like. Their Goal is to help people become friends with fear.

As Scared as I am with the projects I’m currently working on, I find myself heading over to #RiskHappy Instagram quite often to not only finding inspiration but to be motivated by the stories that are featured.

Its funny too, because (The day they reached out) someone was just telling me how much of an unhappy person I was, and here #RiskHappy comes along showing that clearly I’m not as unhappy as this man was trying to tell me I was. All you had to do is BE YOU, and those folks that are supposed to be in your life will be! The people who are supposed to help you grow will do so. What is meant for you, will ALWAYS be yours! PERIOD! Just a tad bit of math, #RiskHappy has 21.3K followers, and yet they were still able to Reach out to me, with my amazing 754 followers! I am not questioning why they chose to reach out to me, just thanking them for doing so! I appreciate you more than my words could ever describe.

Thank you again!

Tristan Jonez


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