Meet My Heart in Human Form, Kayden!

My nephew is such an incredible human being. I am so blessed to have been chosen to be his aunt. I know everyone think that their nephew is the best thing out there since Wheat bread but Sorry, I already called dibs on that! KJ is such a warm spirit that makes me laugh until my stomach hurts, until tears are streaming down my face, he just makes everything that is complicated in this World, uncomplicated.

KJ is the easiest answer to the most difficult questions in Life. Every analogy that you would want to use to describe him, would suffice. He is the sunshine to my Thunderstorm, I don’t think I have ever loved someone the way I love my Kayden. The best thing about him, even when he hasn’t seen me in a while, he makes me feel like I’m right up there with Spiderman and the Ninja Turtles.

I couldn’t even begin to tell you guys how much this little person means to me. All I can say is I’m the most blessed person that’s ever lived, all because this lil boy loves me unconditionally. And I … I love him more than life itself.



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