How happy is your Vag? 

My Vagina is the happiest she’s been in a very long time. We have become in sync with one another, how? I had to learn to listen to my body. Think about it, After eating avocados (RIP) , in some form, my body would reject it by hurting tremendously until I removed it from my body, usually by throwing it up. The vag behaves the same way. 
In my early twenties, my vag was always angry with me and as a result I was frequently present at my doctors office. Of course I thought I knew ‘her’ so I didn’t pay attention when she wanted more attention. I wasn’t taking care of my body, especially my vag. When I started to limit my juice and soda intake, she became happier, the more fruits and yogurts I introduced her cause her to then be extremely overjoyed. 
The September Issue of Essence has an amazing, and well informative, article on making sure your not only listening to your vagina but keeping her in the best of health. 
What are some things you’ve personally done to ensure your vaginas happiness? 


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