The Hopeless Romantic in me loves the movie Hitch, I know we’ve discussed this before but its currently showing on Netflix, and I seriously cannot get enough of it. At this very moment I am watching, between my writing, I know I know I should be focusing on what I am doing but I get a pass cuz … its Hitch! What attracts me to the movie, besides the location, is Hitch, and his love interest, Sara. Both, are so guarded, so scared to move forward with each other because of what they have dealt with in the past, but yet, they still inch closer and closer to one another.

I’m Sorry, I didn’t even ask you guys, if you’ve seen Hitch? Yes? Don’t you just love it? And If you haven’t, I AM Judging you… Why haven’t you seen it yet? Today! GO NOW!

Tristan J.