This year my 34th birthday was spent in Havana, Cuba! Can I just tell you how much of a magical place Cuba is? It is better than anything you can picture, and I can not wait to go back. So I stayed in an airbnb, which in Cuba is called casa particular, with a family. I had a room/bathroom of my own. I did opt to do breakfast in-house, which included fruits, coffee/tea, juice and eggs. On the morning of my birthday, the family, presented me with a slice of cake lit with a candle, I even wore a crown … over my bonnet. The memory makes me smile!

After the breakfast celebration I started my day off at the capital, to center myself and decide on where my time would be spent. I walked toward Old Havana, and ended up at the Museo del Arte colonial. A beautiful museum near Catedral de San Cristóbal de La Habana in the Plaza del Catedral. It would be the only museum I would visit while in Cuba!

I started the tour navigating on my own, but when I walked to the second story of the museum I was joined by a tour guide. And guess what, It was like having my own personal docent, who happened to give me the tour in Spanish, and I was actually able to follow along. MY tour guide even took my photos, and made me pose, it was an amazing experience. Definitely made my birthday even more memorable.

But Wait, Did someone said Salsa…

Tristan J



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