Rose Garden

Ive always been a lover of nature, there was a time when I thought I was a photographer for Nat Geo. I would be like there’s a spider, well let me take out my camera and capture it. Ha! I was like alright, pose, let me see you, twirl, stop, move there, etc. I know the insect would be like this fool is crazy, let me scurry on out of the way. I do the very same when I find flowers. I HAVE to take the time to adore, and show my appreciation for them blooming as they have.

While in Portland, Oregon, I went to the International Rose Test Garden, where they actually work to create new types of roses. I am a bad blogger, cuz I took the time to write NOTHING down, but in my defense, I took incredible photos. Surprisingly you are able to walk in the grass, of the garden, and have photoshoots and picnics, while taking beautiful photos. Do you have a favorite color rose? Mine is anything with touches of purples.

Tristan Jonez


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