The Call

So y’all know, my ‘father’ and I aren’t cool, and I am not looking to change that anytime soon. I’m not going allow toxic folks into my World, no matter what their title might be in relation to me. My father and I had a text message exchange last Thursday, with him contacting me, talking rubbish. I know it can be hard to apologize, but just do it, especially if you’re wrong. Its sad to see a man, chit chat, about nonsense, just so he’ll be able to saying something to you. Anywhoo, My aunt called me today, expressing concern over not speaking to him for three days, even though she was calling consistently, I volunteered, as tribute, to call for her.

After searching my blocked list, and my voicemails, his number was nowhere to be found. Graciously my aunt sent it, I called and low and behold, he’s alive. I must admit, my heart did skip a beat until he answered, I wouldnt want to be the one who’d have to deliver news to the rest of the family that he was deceased. And now, I don’t have to.

Tristan J.