Dear Dad, I thought long and hard about what I would say to you, If given the opportunity to speak to you, and I still have trouble finding words to adequately express my feelings. First, thank you for connecting with my Geraldine Garlick, the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met, inside and out. Although y’all […]



I’m not sure why you’ve stopped answering my calls, or even making any of your own. I can’t remember the last time you’ve asked how I’m doing, or inquired about my new position at work. I do however remember you telling me I need to get over how I was feeling, that you are who […]



I can’t remember the last time I had a conversation with my dad. And I can’t tell when the next time we will have one. Well, Father’s Day and his birthday is coming up so I will reach out via text probably. Do you ever get tired of going the extra mile for someone, and […]